Compressed Air & Gas

HGL Series – Desiccant Air Dryer(50Hz)

The HGL series incorporates in a single machine the after-cooler, the dryer and, optionally, the pre-filter; it is the evolution of DAT series, but updated to new technologies in order to work in high temperature.

Compressed air applications must be completely free of all suspended water vapor. A refrigeration dryer is suitable for most general applications, but for those requiring absolutely dry air, an adsorption dryer is the only solution.

Some of these applications are: Outside air lines & instrumentation subject to freezing conditions, air conveying of hygroscopic materials, special manufacturing processes, chemical, pharmaceutical & laboratory equipment. For these applications, a GOLD heatless adsorption dryer (HGL) will provide a constant pressure dew point of -70°C.


Product Type HGL 40 ~ 640
Max. Working Pressure 10 Bar
FAD 500 ~ 8,000 l/min
Connection 3/4" ~ 1 1/2"

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