Compressed Air & Gas

EControl 6

The EControl central controller system allows to efficiently control and monitor up to six different compressors. E Control will not only increase the performance of your compressed air network, it also centers around three main benefits:

Cost savings

  • Optimized energy use by matching air supply to your needs
  • Energy savings through
  • Intelligent unload cycles
  • Pressure measurement in airnet, no cascading
  • Pressure band can be reduced to 0.1 bar
  • Lower pressure by 1 bar reduces energy by 7%
  • Lower pressure by 1 bar reduces leakages by 13%

Transparent operation:

  • Central communication point
  • Clear and visual graphical display
  • Online monitoring and controlling possible Complete control
  • Visual overview of compressor room processes
  • ‘Best size’ compressor selection
  • Equalization of running hours, spread over the different compressors with the same priority
  • Running hours can be added for new machinery

Remote monitoring for EControl 6
The EControl 6 allows to control and monitor your complete compressed air network online. The features include warning indications, compressor shutdown warning and maintenance scheduling and issue logs.


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