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Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor RLR 150V – 240V

The range that meets all your requirements:
Based on years of experience and including the latest technology, the Rollair range offers the right balance to meet your needs.

The reliability you require:
The Rollair machine ensures a long and trouble free lifetime, even in harsh conditions.

Via innovative design and selection of high quality components it has been possible to lower compression temperatures and thus increase reliability.

The energy efficiency you need:
The efficiency of our screw element combined with high quality of components enable the Rollair to achieve higher air flows without increase in power consumption.

Pressure drop has been minimized through the air flow to ensure the highest efficiency: reducing the generated air pressure by 1 bar will result in energy savings as high as 7% of the power consumed.


Product Type RLR 150V - 240V
Power Range ALD 3 150 - 240 HP / 110 - 180 kW
Pressure Range 9.5 - 12.5 Bar
FAD @ 9.5 bar 897 - 1,615 m3/hr
FAD @ 12.5 bar 897 - 1,615 m3/hr
Sound 73 - 75 dB(A)
  • 1615 m3/hr,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • RLR 150V,
  • Rollair,
  • Rotary screw,

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