Category: Industrial Air Operated / Electric Motor Pumps

TR Series Drum Transfer Pumps Pneumatic Motor

Available with fully-interchangeable electric or pneumatic motor, these pumps have an open impeller that allows continuous pumping of clean corrosive liquids having apparent viscosity of up to 600 cps with 500-watt electric and pneumatic motor (at 20°C) and 900 cps with 800-watt electric motor (at 20°C). TR-EL series pumps driven by an electric motor are also fitted with a safety cut-out switch that prevents accidental restart after a power outage.


Product TR Series Pneumatic Motor 400 W, 250 W & 300 W
Motor Power 0.54 HP (400W) at 6bar, 0.33HP (250W) at 7 bar, 0.40 HP (300W) at 6 bar
Flow Rate 120 l/min, 80 l/min, 90 l/min
Viscosity 600cps, 400cps
  • 120 l/min,
  • 600cps,
  • Debem,
  • TR series Pneumatic Motor,

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