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S450 Heavy Duty Industry Flow/Consumption Sensor

The flow sensor S450 is based on the thermal mass flow principle. It measure volumetric standard flow over a wide measuring range. The result is pressure and temperature independent. S450 is designed specifically for harsh environments. The enclosure with IP67 allows all-weather applications, all parts which come into contact with the measurement medium are made of stainless steel 316L. This allows applications in pharmaceutical and food industry, but also the measurement of corrosive and contaminated gas.

Installations in explosive environment can be done through the optional ATEX approval. Various gases can be measured such as air, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, natural gas, hydrogen, methane, etc. Basically any gas mixture can be measured as long the mixing ratio and its components are known and constant.


Product Type S450 Flow Sensor
Operating Pressure 0 - 1.6 Mpa
Operating Temperature -40 deg C to 150 deg C
Accuracy +/- (1.5% of reading + 0.3% FS)
Measuring range 0.4 - 92.7 sm/s (std range cal)
0.8 - 185 sm/s (max range cal)
Tube diameter DN25 up DN1500
  • ATEX approval,
  • Explosive environment,
  • IP67 enclosure,
  • S450,
  • SUTO,

  • (65) 6243 3007