Category: Measurements

S331 Multi Channel Display Data Logger

The universal display and data logger that can measure, display and record all relevant parameters (Flow, Consumption, Dew point, Pressure, Temperature, Power consumption, Compressor status etc.) in a compressed air system.

S331 is very powerful yet cost effective new data logger and display solution. The high resolution 5" graphic display allows an easy operation where details are much sharper shown compared to many of the smaller low resolution displays.


Product Type S331 Display Data Logger
Display Size 5" Resolution:
800 x 480
Interface Option USB RS-485 Ethernet
Sensor input 1 2 x SDI inputs or 1 x SDI
and 1 x Modbus input
(Modbus input for up to 16 sensors)
2 x analog (option)
Maximum output 21.6 mA DC
Operation Temperature 0 deg C to + 50 deg C
Data Logger (Option) 100 million values (option)
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  • Display Data Logger,
  • Modbus input,
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  • SUTO,

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