Compressed Air & Gas

M – Coalescing Filter Element

M - Interception type filter element suitable for solid and oil particles up to 1 micron - 0.1 mg/m3 This filter element, by means of the interception and coalescing principles, compel the submicronic liquid particles, which from the inside strain through the element, to collide the thus become larger micro droplets, which will drip the bottom of the filter housing.

The element itself is made by inner and outer stainless steel structure. PVC outside cover, suitable for air temperature up to 100°C and UV resistance, drains the coalesced liquid.


Grade 1.00 micron (0.1 mg/m3)
Max. Working Temperature 100°C
Pressure Drop (Dry / Wet) 0.1 bar / 0.16 bar
Life Time 3,500 Hour(s)

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