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Oil Water Separators Gold Series OWS

During standard function, compressors produce huge quantities of condense, contaminated by oil. This liquid can’t be discharged on the ground and have to be treated by specialized company in order to protect environment. ATS developed the Gold series of Oil Water Separators OWS, these systems remove oil contaminants from the condensate, in order to discharge the water directly on the drainage.

OWS Gold isn’t a normal water separator: no decantation tank 3 full of contaminated condensate; no external tank to collect oil; simple, fast and effective condensate treatment. A unique and advanced design, the high quality of bags material, assure an extreme level of filtration. OWS Gold separators offer:


Product Type OWS 120 - 2550
Turbine/VDL 170 - 2,550 m3/hr
VCL/PAO 150 - 2,167 m3/hr
Synthetic/Polyester 130 - 1,840 m3/hr
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