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Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor AL 3 – 5 HP

The oil-free scroll compressor products are developed to operate without the use of oil during the compressor process, resulting in ‘oil-free’ high grade compressor air.

With the installation of a convenient dryer and filter, our oil-less scroll compressor products are able to produce pure compressed air of the first quality that meets the ISO standards. There is no additional cost involved as the condensed water removed by the dryer and filters does not contain any oil, heading off any requirements for water treatment.

The importance of producing high quality compressed air has become highly significant and popular as modern industry demands quality air, free of particles of dust, oil mist and water vapour in all processing endeavours.


Product Type AL 3 - 5
Power Range 3 - 5 HP / 2.2 - 3.7 KW
Pressure Range 113.7 - 140.8 Bar
FAD 271 - 416 l/min
Sound 49 - 50 dB(A)
  • 271 l/min,
  • AL 3,
  • Coaire,
  • Oil-free,
  • Scroll,

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