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MK Series Crossflow Cooling Tower

  • 1) Hot dip galvanized steel framework strengthens the anti-corrosion, anti-wind, and anti- seismic capability.
  • 2) Mechanical extrusion moulding FRP with smooth hydrophilic surface can effectively avoid legionnaires bacteria.
  • 3) Built-in type drive system can effectively attenuate the mechanical noise from motor and fan. Convenient maintenance inside the tower can avoid working at height and ensure the security.
  • 4) Drive system: F class, IP55, enclosed self-cooled low noise motor is special for cooling tower application. Vertical installation with the motor axle downwards can ensure the motor not to be soaked.


Product Type Cross Flow Cooling Tower
Flow 100 CMH - 800 CMH
Inlet Water Temperature 37 deg. C
Outlet Water Temperature 32 deg. C
  • Cooling tower,
  • Flow 100 CMH,
  • MK series,
  • Tunnel operation,

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