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ECOntrol 6

The power of ECOntrol
The ECOntrol central controller system allows to efficiently control and monitor up to six different compressors. ECOntrol will not only increase the performance of your compressed air network, it also centers around three main benefits:

Cost savings
- Optimized energy use by matching air supply to your needs
- Energy savings through
- Intelligent unload cycles
- Pressure measurement in airnet, no cascading
- Pressure band can be reduced to 0.1 bar
- Lower pressure by 1 bar reduces energy by 7%
- Lower pressure by 1 bar reduces leakages by 13%

Transparent operation
• Central communication point
• Clear and visual graphical display
• Online monitoring and controlling possible Complete control
• Visual overview of compressor room processes
• ‘Best size’ compressor selection
• Equalization of running hours, spread over the different compressors with the same priority
• Running hours can be added for new machinery

Remote monitoring for ECOntrol 6
The ECOntrol 6 allows to control and monitor your complete compressed air network online. The features include warning indications, compressor shutdown warning and maintenance scheduling and issue logs

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