Category: Air Dryers

Desiccant Dryers Gold Series HGL

The NHTD series incorporates in a single machine the after-cooler, the dryer and, optionally, the pre-filter; it is the evolution of DAT series, but updated to new technologies in order to work in high temperature.

This dryer combines a heat exchanger all-aluminium, unique in its category, the successful all-aluminium heat exchanger, assembled on all of our machines, feature the patented design and exclusive property of ATS, and a possible pre-filter complete with automatic condensate drain.


Product Type HGL 40 - 640
V/Hz/Ph 230/50/1
Pressure Max. 16 bar
FAD 500 - 8,000 l/min
  • Aluminum,
  • ATS,
  • Desiccant dryer,
  • Heat exchanger,
  • HGL 40,
  • NHTD series,

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