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Cyclone Separators Gold Series SGO

Compressed air is an essential energy source used for all industries because it guarantees a high level of security and flexibility. Its advantages are achieved only if this important resource is used without its normal impurities.

In fact, in the compressed air, there are a lot of polluting agents like: lube oil from the dryers, corrosive gas present in the atmosphere and due to pollution, water vapor, solid particles due to the decay of mechanical parts and distribution lines.

Solid particles presents in the atmosphere and pumped by the compressor. Inside the compressor, these substances become acidic thanks to the high temperatures, creating a lot of problems to all pneumatic equipment. The oil that penetrates the line loses its lubricant features and it creates damages to the equipment.

Features and functionality
Separator body:
~ Easy reading of the differential gauge and the obstruction indicator (if it is installed) to prove the filter efficiency.

~ In a protected position, the threaded part of the head and glass ensures the easy removal of the glass for the replacement of the filter element.

~ The wide section of the low channels ensures a limited loss of load.

~ Separator body in aluminum, chromo phosphate and externally powder painted.

~ The body is easily unscrewed thanks to the hexagonal termination.

New cartridge separator:
~ The cyclone prolife increases the efficiency of the models SGO Gold.

~ The new structure offers the possibility to enter into the cyclone cartridge for inspection and maintenance.

Standard reference conditions ISO 7183:
~ Ambient temperature: 25°C.

~ Working pressure: 7 bar.

~ Inlet air temperature: 20°C.

Max working condition:
~ Inlet air temperature: 100°C.

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