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Current Sensor Miniflex 1000

Miniflex 1000 current clamp sensor is an AC RMS current sensor composed of a flexible active part (Rogowski coil model) connected to a compact digital converter, capable of measuring the current carried on a power conductor up to a value of 1000 A ac. The digital converter supplies an output of 4-20 mA DC in linear proportion to the measured current.


Product Type Current Sensor
Measuring Range 4 - 20mA DC
0A AC = 4 mA DC output
1,000A AC = 20 mA DC output
Power Supply 10V DC to 32V DC
Accuracy 0.5% of reading
+ 0.2% of range
Maximum output 21.6 mA DC
Service voltage < 1,000V CAT III
  • Measure range 1000A AC,
  • Miniflex 1000,
  • SUTO,

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