Products: Filter Element

C – Activated Carbon Filter Element
There are treatments in industrial plants which in addition to oil free air, require the elimination of oil vapors and odors. For these purpose, the activated carbon filter through the adsorption process attracts all odors and vapors left after despoiling and keep them on the surface of the activated carbon grain molecules. ~ Owing to […]
H – Coalescing Filter Element
H – Coalescing type filter element suitable for solid and oil particles up to 0.01 micron (0.01 mg/m3). ~ Air passing through this filter element is practically 99.99% oil free, therefore it is suitable to be employed when and where clean and pure air is a must. When placed after a dryer as an additional […]
M – Coalescing Filter Element
M – Interception type filter element suitable for solid and oil particles up to 1 micron – 0.1 mg/m3 This filter element, by means of the interception and coalescing principles, compel the submicronic liquid particles, which from the inside strain through the element, to collide the thus become larger micro droplets, which will drip the […]
P – Dust Filter Element
P – Pre-dust filter element suitable for the removal of solid particles down to 3 micron including liquids, emulsions and oil particles. The strong mechanical resistance makes this filter the ideal initial protection of a compressed air system to retain impurities and, for example, it is suitable as a post-filter for adsorption dryers. ~ The […]

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