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C – Activated Carbon Filter Element

There are treatments in industrial plants which in addition to oil free air, require the elimination of oil vapors and odors. For these purpose, the activated carbon filter through the adsorption process attracts all odors and vapors left after despoiling and keep them on the surface of the activated carbon grain molecules.

~ Owing to this, P, M or H filters have to be placed before the C filters. The element is made by thick activated carbo layer covered by fiber coating kept in place by an inside stainless steel wall.

~ Grade: 0.01 micron (max. concentration up to 0.0003 mg/m3)

~ Max working temperature: 60C

~ Pressure Drop (Dry / Wet): 0.08 bar / 0.12 bar

~ Life time: 3,500 hours

~ Class 1: ISO 8573-1

  • 0.01 micron,
  • Activated carbon,
  • ATS,
  • Differential pressure gauge,
  • Filter element,
  • Zero loss drain,

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