Category: Measurements

S110 Power Meter

The Power Meters are designed for easy installation and high accuracy. It measures the actual power consumption in kW and accumulates the Energy consumption in kWh of a 3-phase load. Additionally, other measured parameters such as current, voltage, cos, phi etc. are available as well.

Through 3 clamp sensors the current is sensed. Hat rail, wall mountable and portable versions are available. The universal display and data logger that can measure, display and record all relevant parameters (Flow, Consumption, Dew point, Pressure, Temperature, Power consumption, Compressor status etc.) in a compressed air system.


Product Type S110 Power Meter
Supply 24 DC / 0.5 W
Power Range Up to 690 kW
(depending on clamp sensor)
Accuracy Voltage 0.2%
Current 0.5%
Clamp Class 1
Energy Class 0.5
Nominal voltage 277 / 480 V AC
Available clamp sensor 200A, 500A, 1,000A
  • 3 clamp sensors,
  • Power consumption,
  • Power meter,
  • S110,
  • SUTO,

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