Category: Industrial Air Operated / Electric Motor Pumps

EQUAFLUX Pulsation Dampeners EQUAFLUX 51

- Suitable for use in environments with high humidity and condensation;

- Suitable for work in heavy conditions;

- Automatic self-damping;

- Operation without lubrication, as well as oil-free air;

- Wide range of constructing materials: PP, PVDF, PPS-V, AISI 316;

- ATEX II 3/3G D IIB T 135°C (zone 2);

- Suitable for potentially explosive environments - ATEX II 2/2GD with IIB T 135°C (zone 1);

- The optimal ratio of performance, quality and price.


Product Equaflux 51 Pulsation Dampeners
Openings G ¾”
Air opening Dia. 6 mm
Max. air pressure 7 bar
Construction material PP, PVDF, PPS-V, AISI 316
Max. temperature 3oC to 65oC, 3 ºC to 95ºC
Pumps models Midgetbox PP, Cubic 15 PP, Microboxer PP
Cubic 15 ECTFE, Microboxer PVDF,
Microboxer Alu, Microboxer AISI 316P
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