CSM MINI – Rotary Screw Compressor (CSM 3 – 10 HP Dry Version Tank + Dryer)

The CSM Mini comes standard with a magneto-thermal circuit breaker main switch line. All machine parts are protected against anomaly and nothing is allowed to irreparably damage any component of the machine.

The strict observance of safety and environmental hygiene regulations during the design phase and the high degree of efficiency of our assembly lines are our guarantee. Especially recommended for installations with compressed air demands with a low dew point. The compressor unit is made up of electro compressor, tank and refrigerating dryer with gas R134a with indicator of the dew point and timed condensate drain.


Product Type CSM 3B - 10B MINI
Power Range 3 - 10 HP / 2.2 - 7.5 KW
Pressure Range 8 - 10 Bar
FAD 240 - 1,008 l/min
Vessel Size 200 or 270 L
Sound 61 - 66 dB(A)


  • 200 litre tank,
  • 240 l/min,
  • All-in-one,
  • Ceccato,
  • Dryer,
  • Rotary screw,