Refrigerated Air Dryers CDX 4 – 18

A compressor takes humidity and contamination from the intake air, during the compression process these particles combine with the oil used in the compressor.

All these impurities can cause wear and corrosion to the downstream equipment, with potential costly interruption to production, and reduction in the efficiency and service life of the equipment used. To reduce this negative impact, a range of refrigerant dryers has been developed to ensure air quality, increase efficiency and productivity and lengthen the life span of your equipment and tools.

A key objective in the design of the CDX dryer was to deliver a product that offers performance, reliability and safety with the lowest possible environmental impact.


Product Type CDX 4 - 18
Power Range 130 - 284 W
V/Hz/Ph 230/50/1
Pressure Max. 16 bar
FAD 350 - 1,825 l/min
Refrig. Gas R-134a
Sound 47 - 53 dB(A)
  • 350 l/min,
  • CDX 4,
  • Ceccato,
  • R-134a,
  • Refrigerated air dryer,